Secrets to Getting the Most from Your WSO Concert pt. 1

redvwhiteYou have tickets to the WSO, a great evening of music awaits! Whether you’re a long time subscriber or a first time concert goer, you may still be unaware of all the WSO has to offer to enhance your concert experience. From time to time will be posting tips and tricks to get the most of your evening.

First up: Pre-Order Intermission Drinks.

Want to relax with a drink or a snack following an exciting first-half of a concert, but you don’t want to spend the entire intermission standing in line? We can relate–time is valuable!

That’s why we wanted to make sure you have the option to pre-order drinks at any WSO concert at The Capitol.

Simply visit the bar in the main lounge before the concert to place your order, the bar tender will give you a claim ticket and let you know where to pick up your drink or snack. Your order will be waiting for you when intermission begins so you don’t have to waste precious time standing in line.

All items sold at the bar are available for pre-order. If you order a coffee or a tea, an empty cup and lid will be waiting for you to take to the hot beverage station to prepare just the way you like it.

You can enjoy your drink at a leisurely pace before returning to your seat, or take it with you to savour during what is sure to be an excellent second half of the concert.

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