Secrets to Getting the Most from Your WSO Concert pt. 3

You have tickets to the WSO, a great evening of music awaits! Whether you’re a long time subscriber or a first time concert goer, you may still be unaware of all the WSO has to offer to enhance your concert experience. From time to time will be posting tips and tricks to get the most of your evening.

Attend Instrumentally Speaking, the WSO’s FREE Pre-Concert Talks.

Maestro Robert Franz, Ed Hanley, tabla, and Dinuk Wijeratne, composer, at an Instrumentally Speaking Pre-Concert Talk at The Capitol Theatre.

Join us one hour prior to all Masterworks, Intimate Classics, and Classics in the County series performances for a free pre-concert talk! Instrumentally Speaking talks are designed to enhance your enjoyment of the concert by providing insight and information into the music you are about to hear.

You can always listen to recordings in advance (we provide links to as many of the works on our program as possible), read up on the composers, compositions, even the soloists. But a pre-concert talk provides an intimate, informal, and interactive way to:

  • Learn about the overarching themes of the music on the concert program.
  • Provide clues for how to listen during the performance.
  • Get insight into the history of the works.
  • Hear directly from those involved in the performance. Speakers can include conductors, composers, musicians, featured artists.

Instrumentally Speaking is a perfect way to enhance your enjoyment of a WSO performance!



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