Beethoven Squared



Beethoven Squared
November 19, 2016
Robert Franz, Conductor
Yolanda Bruno, Violin

Beethoven – Leonore Overture no. 3
Jordan Pal – Into the Wonder Beethoven – Violin Concerto in D minor

Here is what our concertgoers had to say about Beethoven Squared:

“Fabulous! I loved watching Ms. Bruno’s obvious enjoyment as she played and the constant communication between her and Robert Franz. ”


“Yolanda was just terrific and the orchestra provided excellent support. But I am partial to Beethoven anyway. I wasn’t overly impressed with Into the Wonder but my wife loved it. But I did appreciate the difficulty of it for the orchestra. It was played well.”

“Wonderful evening of great music! Nice introductions. Very clear that the guest artist had made connections with individuals in the orchestra. Great choice of piece for her to play. The new piece of modern music was fantastic with a local touch. Not too far out so that the very traditional members of the audience might feel out of touch. That would not be me. Franz is great and we appreciate that we see his relationship with the musicians and with the musical choices.”

“It was a very enjoyable concert. The violinist was superb.”

“Fabulous concert – Yolanda is definitely a bright shining star & enjoyed her outstanding performance – as well as our talented musicians & of course, another star in his own rights, Robert Franz!”

“The Lenore overture was wonderful and the concerto superb. Her cadenzas were beautifully and masterfully performed. I loved the way it almost seemed that Maestro Franz and Yolanda were dancing to the wonderful rhythmic beat of the last movement specially near the end. the orchestra was just right at all times so we appreciated the wonderful high tones of the beautiful old Stradivarius violin. I had never heard those notes so clearly before. BRAVO! to all performers.”

“It was a fabulous concert and the violinist was absolutely superb! Our own musicians are truly the best and Lillian was great as always!”

“Enjoyed most of it. I enjoyed some parts of the new piece by Jordan Pal. Some parts were for me a little discordant, so I did not enjoy it as much as the rest of the program.
Yolanda Bruno’s piece was delightful and very beautiful.”

“Super performance by Yolanda Bruno and very much liked Jordan Pal’s creation though we are not terribly fond of modern ‘classical’ music. Our orchestra is superb!”

“A great concert — and I say so even though I’m not a fan of contemporary music.”

“Enjoyed conductor’s explanatory talk about the contemporary piece; also pleased that Peter Wiebe’s intro took care of essentials without going on too long.”

“A terrific night of music. Exciting, tuneful and worth every penny.”

“The balance between string and wind sounds was not good when the winds cranked it up. Adding another 3 first and 3 second violins would have helped.”

“Amazing. Totally mesmerised over the whole performance. Not often does one get to attend a live performance with such a performer playing a Stradivarius…for me, once in a life time. Thank you, thank you!”

“Enjoyed the performances”

“I did not like the Jordan Pal piece.”

“Symphony always fabulous. Love Maestro Franz. Violinist superb. Pal’s work powerful but a bit loud..(percussionist did a great job!)”

“Loved it!”

“Magnificent! Thoroughly enjoyable! Thank you for the wonderful experience.”

“An absolutely wonderful concert!”

“Excellent programming. I wished the soloist would have played an encore.”


“An excellent concert. – well planned , very thoroughly rehearsed, and performed at a truly profession level.”

“Entire concert was excellent.”


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