Holiday Pops


Toldo Holiday Pops, December 16, 17, & 18, 2016

We were able to hear the chorus better than usual.. Too bad they can’t be more visible. Of course we loved to hear and see the kids choirs. I heard compliments about Mr Franz…he has won them over!  – Susie

Loved the guest performers – especially the hippopotamus solo!  – Anonymous

I would have liked to see and hear more from the choir. I would have been more satisfied if WSO invited no more than 1 (one) amateur guess for this particular concert. These acts could be invited during the regular season concerts instead. I think it’s nice to encourage our young artists but I was expecting a more professional presentation. Thanks very much for this opportunity to make any suggestion I think pertinent . – Marie, Windsor

I thought it was an excellent concert . I loved the interactions with the audience . Thank you Robert. As time has passed you have become more and more relaxed with your audiences, at least with the Sunday crowd (just my humble opinion) we all left in the Christmas spirit. – Valerie, Essex

A great performance using the local talent and the choirs was a grand idea. The first 2 Pops concerts have been exceptional. – Noreen, Windsor

It was awesome. Especially enjoyed the youngsters singing and the Ukrainian dancers. – Anonymous, Leamington

Thoroughly enjoyed it. Definitely got me in the spirit of the season. Just questioning why Jingle Bells was in the middle of the traditional carols and not at the end. – Dawn, Windsor

Loved the little girl who sang I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas. Lovely voice.
Also enjoyed the choirs. It was a fun evening. – M, Tecumseh

It was fantastic. It was a beautiful program. Enjoyed it all. -Anonymous, Windsor

I brought my young daughter, and my husband who is not much of a concert goer. Both loved the performance. The integration of song, dance, humour, and holiday music made the entire show entertaining. I would love to hear a bit about particular/highlighted instruments, such as those used to make sounds (like the horse neigh or hoof beats), to draw attention to the musicians as well. – Karen, Windsor

It was awesome! We thoroughly enjoyed the performance and the symphony director is wonderfully entertaining and down to earth. I would like to purchase season tickets to the Pops Performances. – Simone, Windsor

Very festive. Many traditional Christmas songs, which I prefer over “jazzed up” Christmas music. Good audience participation. energetic director. Quality music-choirs & musicians were outstanding. – Rick, Windsor

I thought the program provided a nice variety of sacred and secular and good use of local talent. The pace was good and the show very professional. Why wasn’t there a write-up in the Windsor Star? I have noticed WSO programs are not reviewed in the paper. An excellent show that provided a good beginning to the Christmas week. – Anonymous, Windsor

Excellent audience involvement and community showcase of talent. – Anonymous, Windsor

Simply awesome! – Anonymous, Windsor

Very entertaining and lively. Enjoyed the dancers and the young singers. Certainly puts you in the Christmas mood. – Audrey, Tecumseh

Really enjoyed the sing along, and guest appearance from Santa/audience participation. More pieces featuring harp! Anonymous, Windsor

It was fabulous. We enjoyed it tremendously. – Denise, Windsor

Wonderful way to prepare for Christmas.  – Anonymous, Windsor

Love the holiday symphonies.  Felt (as a senior) that Santa really wasn’t necessary – he really didn’t add anything to the concert. Totally loved the little girl who sang “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” – also all the kids and the dancers.  Very impressive. Wish we could have far more local talent – there has to be oodles out there – from the university, St. Clair and various local groups – dance schools, drama groups etc. It’s a captive audience and delightful entertainment. – John and Evelyn, Windsor

This concert was FUN from beginning to end. We loved the multicultural approach and the audience participation. Tatiana was terrific; she has the personality for entertaining like Tino! Loved Maestro socks and his humour, and Santa rocked! Chorus and singers were in wonderful voice too. Great family entertainment. – Jane, Harrow

We have very much enjoyed WSO for many years. Christmas concerts are always great BUT I have never liked the hippopotamus song EXCEPT until yesterday. Tatianna Popovich was absolutely amazing. She could belt out that song like a pro and she performed so well too. So she made the hippo song enjoyable for the first time. Thank you Tatianna! We would certainly like to see and hear you perform again in a few years. – Mike, Kingsville

Awesome concert all around. Great job. – Anonymous, Leamington

We thoroughly enjoy every concert but the Christmas one is most enjoyable. Keep up the GOOD WORK! – Anne & Barry, Windsor

Exceptional performance and a great variety of performers. – Anonymous

I thoroughly enjoyed the pops. The children were delightful in song and dance. Mr. Popovich’ daughter was wonderful in her presentation of Hippopotamus. The variety of pieces was excellent. See you next year. – Glenna, Leamington

We thought that it was awesome. Robert Franz, the WSO and the choirs were great. It was fun,  interactive and extremely well done. Involving the young people and the audience is just a great idea. – Anonymous

Robert Frank’ playfulness delightful. Love the interaction with the audience. Best Santa ever. What a voice! WSO Chorus great as usual. Guest performers great too. – Pauline, Windsor

Terrific! – Anonymous,  Windsor

Great show. – Anonymous

I have been attending the Holiday Pops now for a number of years with my mother and daughter and we all love this show. Beautiful music, entertaining and a fabulous way to kick off the Christmas season.  – Anonymous

Fun filled,diverse and really well done. Thanks for all your hard work! – Anonymous, Kingsville



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