Intimate Beethoven


The music was challenging and well performed.

Loved the Beethoven; hated the Reicha. The performers did splendid job on what has to be the most repetitious work in the classical repertoire. The same themes over and over …no discernible development, at least to this set of ears.

The octet was more entertaining than the trio.   A little song at every concert would be a good thing. The program was probably a little too heavy for the Leamington crowd.

It was lovely.  I was very surprised by the Reicha piece. I had never heard of him but truly enjoyed it.

The Leamington chamber concert was a delightful change. i did not know either piece and found the trio had interesting harmonies. I also liked the Reicha octet and enjoyed the playful melodies and the interplay of woodwind and strings. It worked beautifully.Peter’s introduction set the stage well.



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